Monthly Archives: June 2020

Black Cat Quilt Scraps

This black cat is the 280th patchwork block in Olesya’s year-long quilt scrap challenge 2019. The challenge has been a resounding success for Olesya on social media. She published a book, Moments in Pieces, to celebrate the achievement. In this feature, she shares her black cat pattern with ANPTmag. – Carla The cat patchwork blocks […]

1911 Wedding Dress

The dress was worn by my maternal grandmother on her wedding day. Florence Emily (Flossie) Vint (daughter of Joseph and Charlotte (Campbell) Vint married George Middleton Donaldson (son of Isaac and Margaret (Shewan Donaldson) on December 26th, 1911 in Nesbitt, Manitoba and had 4 children: Hubert, Greta, Bremner and Fae. Read more in our Issue […]

Healing Through Embroidery

Last year I read about a new challenge from the San Francisco School of Needlework and Design. Entitled Healing and Reflection, the challenge was to produce a stitching exploring the concepts of healing and one’s experience with embroidery. I was enticed to participate, as I have found much benefit in my own health journey, once […]

FIBRES – Every Yarn has Its Purpose

“Every yarn has its purpose” is one of my knitting mottos. Sometimes, the success of our knitting projects depends on selecting the right yarn for the job. Some fibres are better or more efficient at insulating the body, some are more receptive to machine washing, and some can do both. This article presents the relative […]

My Father, a Man Who Made a Difference

My father passed away very recently. Although he was elderly with health issues, his death was sudden and unexpected. It tore my very soul apart. There is now a painful void in my heart, and though the pain may diminish over the years, that void will never be filled. My only solace is knowing he […]

Working with Transfer Artist Paper

Welcome to a new installment of “In the Studio …” This time, I’d like to share with you a technique I use often in my work: image transfer. I have tried different techniques to transfer images onto fabric, but by far, the easiest and most successful is with the use of Transfer Artist Paper or […]

Flamingo Greeting Cards

In this feature, I also provide several tips for those who have never worked on perforated paper before, and even those who have may discover something useful. By the way, if the stitching on one of the cards looks slightly different from the others, that’s because I changed one of the pink colours to provide […]