Monthly Archives: December 2021

Always be a Butterfly Wall Hanging

I had an idea for a half butterfly / half quote design, but I was originally thinking something wise or inspiring… then I came across this little gem, and it made me laugh, so that was it! These are my favourite shades of blue, but you may (of course) change the colours to your own […]

Words of Comfort Punchneedle Wall Hanging

When I sat down to think about words of gratitude and wisdom, I couldn’t nail down just one. The past two years have been hard for everyone, but there were many things that I was grateful for during this time and the words in my design reflect this. I always count home, family, and friends […]

Elemental Fractal Series – FIRE Part 3 of 4

As with EARTH, this fractal is more of a kaleidoscope composition, based on a flame – as you can tell from the brilliant colours! I quite like that two of the four pieces in this series are more muted colours, and two are quite bright, it makes for a nice balance, and an interesting composition […]

All You Need Is Less Wall Hanging

The pandemic came unexpectedly and changed the whole world around us. When I saw the theme of this issue, in my mind were so many images of the one- and-a-half-year lockdown and all its challenges. My answer to the pandemic was meditating, and creating, and understanding that I need less goods, less stress, and less […]

Thank You Cowl

Knit a cowl to say “Thank you” to someone who has made your life better—the neighbourhood teen who shovels your driveway, the healthcare worker who administered your COVID vaccine, the grandchild who always makes you smile. You can knit the entire cowl in the Farrow Rib stitch or personalize your expression of gratitude with a […]

A Tutorial on Making Words with Quilting

When I originally created this project the word Dream was meant as inspiration to follow your dreams and to encourage pleasant dreams. Though this still holds true I think that it now holds the added meaning of hope for our future. I dream of a time when we will once again be able to attend […]

Knitted Hot Water Bottle Cozy

This project involves colour- stranding. It is worked in the round and features an alphabet of words naming many kinds of fibre. This pattern could be adapted to make a knitting bag too. Use a larger needle, I suggest a 2.75mm to make the bag roomier. Line it with muslin and make a longer draw […]