Monthly Archives: March 2021

Faces in Line Art Portraits

I love incorporating technology into my sewing. While embroidery software has been around for years, many people shy away because they think the software is complicated and it can be. However, some features make creating your designs so easy, anything is possible. I used the mySewnetTM Embroidery software (Platinum) to create the samples in this […]

Quilting Faces the Easy Way!

For the longest time I was more comfortable using squares and triangle shapes as part of my quilts. With time and the help of great teachers I discovered some techniques were not as difficult and mind blowing as I thought they would be. After each new workshop, I ventured out of my comfort zone to […]

The Baby Quilt Block

My friend had a baby during the time I was running my 365 Days Quilt Scraps Challenge. I was inspired to commemorate the happy event and include this baby quilt block in the challenge, therefore making it the 326th quilt block.When adding details to the baby’s face it’s easier to draw the eyes and stitch […]

Sophie’s Jacket

Crochet is notorious for its potential to sculpt 3-dimensional pieces, and suits dog-wear very well. Many people are passionate about Amigurumi, a Japanese word for “crocheted or knitted stuffed toy”, and I’ve crocheted a few myself. I took the design principles from Amigurumi shapes, enlarged them, and then wrapped little Sophie in this charming cold […]

The Woman of the Pink Month

The portrait genre is very popular in art. A textile portrait is a fairly new phenomenon. At the most prestigious quilt festivals today, you can see many different examples of portrait art. Why is this genre so popular today? In the recent past, the portrait could be used mainly by artists. It was necessary to […]

Knitting Fit for a Dog

The original title for this piece was “Practical mathematics for knitting,” but before I’d finished typing it, I could hear you yawning! Actually, I’ve wanted to write an article about math and knitting for a long time. Who would have thought a global pandemic would have created the opportunity! While this piece does include some […]

Skater’s Focus Quilt

Both of my daughters have figure skated since they were very young. We have lots of pictures of them skating, but as parents we rarely get to see what goes on behind the scenes at competitions. We were blessed in recent years to have an incredibly talented photographer as one of the girls’ team mates […]