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Turner’s Sunset Blanket

JMW Turner’s paintings of sunsets are beautiful, and their stunning colours might very well reflect the effects of volcanic activity, according to Smithsonian Magazine. While the background colours differ from one painting to another, as the sun sets over land or water, rosy apricots, yellows, and creamy whites feature in almost all his sunset landscapes. […]

Thank You Cowl

Knit a cowl to say “Thank you” to someone who has made your life better—the neighbourhood teen who shovels your driveway, the healthcare worker who administered your COVID vaccine, the grandchild who always makes you smile. You can knit the entire cowl in the Farrow Rib stitch or personalize your expression of gratitude with a […]

Knitted Hot Water Bottle Cozy

This project involves colour- stranding. It is worked in the round and features an alphabet of words naming many kinds of fibre. This pattern could be adapted to make a knitting bag too. Use a larger needle, I suggest a 2.75mm to make the bag roomier. Line it with muslin and make a longer draw […]

Poppin’ Blocks Sweater

This sweater is designed to have a stack of different-sized blocks trail up the left side of the front, but you can run one up the sleeve(s) instead. To do this, add a column of stitches on the right of the chart. Center the 25 sts on the sleeve and place stitch markers for reference. […]

Bali Pops Socks & Raspberry Seeds Socks

Pops of colour in knitting can only mean one thing – bobbles. I made Bali Pops with randomly placed bobbles using yarn that reminded me of the batik fabrics I used for patchwork quilting. In the second pair, Raspberry Seeds Socks, the bobbles are sedately lined and down the fronts and backs and the colour […]