Turner’s Sunset Blanket

Turner's Sunset Blanket

JMW Turner’s paintings of sunsets are beautiful, and their stunning colours might very well reflect the effects of volcanic activity, according to Smithsonian Magazine. While the background colours differ from one painting to another, as the sun sets over land or water, rosy apricots, yellows, and creamy whites feature in almost all his sunset landscapes.

In this design, simple slipped stitches create interesting texture and colourwork effects. The four-stitch, four-row repeat means that the size can be altered easily, and the design can be personalized with more–or fewer– colours. Here, it is knit with three shades of Universal Yarn Adore, a round, bouncy, easy- care, wool and acrylic blend yarn with great stitch definition.

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Designed by Nancy Lekx
[email protected]