ANPT Issue 53 Cover
Issue 53 Digital Version
Welcome to another thrilling Issue of ANPTmag! Architecture is the word by which all projects in this issue are inspired, exploring the shape of things and how to reproduce structures on fabric. Herein are several tutorials by our quilting experts to show you how to work from a photo of your favourite structure and the methods and products to use to accomplish the right look for the quilted piece. Architecture is also explored in knitting and crochet, talking about how the structure of a garment is key to a polished, professional look. As for cross stitch, we have castles for you!
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A Needle Pulling Thread Issue 52 Cover
Issue 52 Digital Version
At ANPTmag, we hope you are in good health. This new issue highlights projects inspired by the special people in the lives of our expert needlework contributors. It's a heartwarming issue, with more than 20 inspiring project ideas to make for yourself or a loved one. While we're sew at home, we're there with you in spirit talking about how the needle arts have healing properties, as you may already have experienced. Sit comfortably and enjoy articles about working with transfer artist paper, a look at the mind-blowing embroidery on a 1911 wedding dress, and what's to love about pinnies. We have your list of favourite relatives covered. Project ideas like a reading cushion for the avid reader, a cross stitched diploma for mothers, a quilted waterproof lunch bag, and the itsy-bitsy patchwork of the excellent quilter Olesya Lebedenko, just to name a few. Stay home and stay creative! Until the next Issue - Carla
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A Needle Pulling Thread Issue 51 Cover
Issue 51 Digital Version
Come fly with me as we dream about our favourite destinations! We asked our expert designers to choose their favourite spot in the world and bring the destination to life in their needlework. See various renditions of favourite destinations through quilting, machine embroidery, beading, rug hooking and embroideries. The humble flip flops are recreated as beaded designer footwear, and the common towel is transformed into a personalized lounging chair cover. Let's not forget the shawl, beach cover up and Fair Isle Cardigan reflecting the art of gorgeous vacation knitwear.
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A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine Issue 50 Cover
Issue 50 Digital Version
This issue is dedicated to those who hold on to cherished textiles in the hope that one day they will be enlightened on how to repurpose them in a new fashion. Call it an upcycling issue if you will, you'll find original ways of transforming knitted and sewn clothing, threads, and cherished items into something new. Also in this issue, are topics like the Monk's cloth crisis, and which cloth is used instead for Swedish weaving, and, Diamond Petals by Judith Marquis, another tutorial on fabric manipulation that looks very much like dragon scales. It's a pleasure to announce we have a new quilting column, The Quilter's Connection, written by Heather McArthur. See what she has to say about what to do with old and worn quilts. And you don't want to miss the solution to the conundrum about stashing yarn, 'To Stash or Not to Stash' written by Knitting Contributor, Cynthia MacDougall. This is a topic we all struggle with, see how Cynthia's experience helps to put what we think of our yarn stash into perspective and clear the yarn clutter without feeling like we're giving up something precious. Enjoy the issue!
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A Needle Pulling Thread Issue 49 Cover
Issue 49 Digital Version
Although a rainy day can be very gloomy, it can instantly become an opportunity for crafting bliss! Imagine, raindrops on the window pane and you’re engaged in your favourite needle craft! Let us offer you some exciting suggestions of projects inspired by rainy day activities. In this issue, you’ll find quilts of all sorts inspired by games like dominoes, I spy, hopscotch and word puzzles. Cozy knits, perfect for lounging around the house, including the In the Mood Tunic, the Comfort Crescent Shawl (in the very soft Chic Sheep merino wool yarn) and Colourwash Socks from the Thoughtful Soles Series which will have you singing 'You are My Sunshine' the whole day long! There’s also a tutorial on how to attach buttons using the Designer EPIC, this in a cushion cover project that was born out of sheer button love! And then there’s the cutest duckling wearing cute red boots in the rain – can you resist it? Rainy days are a great opportunity for reorganizing your sewing studio or craft room. Let Cynthia MacDougall help you with great tips on how to sort things out and finish the job for crafting bliss! Join us for a terrific issue!
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ANPT Issue 48 Cover
Issue 48 Digital Version
Just in time for merry-making comes our Ornaments Issue! All ornaments are a great way to learn techniques, use up our leftover fabrics, yarn and threads, and are fantastic for making last minute little commemorative gifts. They are also great for mixing and matching the techniques from one ornament to another - this is quite an adventure! Warning: all ornaments can become an addiction, as it can be difficult to stop at making just one when you find your favourite. Also in this issue, is Part 3 of Judith Marquis's, exploring Arrowhead Smocking and all of its possibilities! And check out the new series in pulled thread work, Pulled Thread Pastries. This is a series meant as a learning tool to learn pulled thread work, but see these adorable cushions! They look like pastries, but they also work well as ornaments. Plus, what will you do with the pulled thread patterns? See what we have to say about taking a trip with Eat Your Heart Out Tours as we travel to the Kutch Desert region to experience a vibrant textile way of life!
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ANPT Issue 47 Cover
Issue 47 Digital Version
Chakras, mandalas, meditation are the topics for Issue 47. Take a journey to self-discovery through the meditative world of the needle arts. In this issue we offer several ways to interpret mesmerizing mandalas whether they be knitted, crocheted, quilted, embroidered and rug hooked. We joyfully encourage you to add your interpretation to these patterns so they represent who you are entirely. You'll be the talk of your yoga class wearing the Solar Plexus Vest ideal for meditation, and the Wiggle Room socks from the Thoughtful Soles Series with the words 'Free Your Mind, Free Your Toes' cleverly knit in the soles. See the second installment of The Beauty of Texture and all the simple stitches offered to create intricate smocking - it's easier than it looks. Judith Marquis uses prints, various fabric textures and lines to create stunning smocking patterns. All graphs, charts and full instructions with photos are always provided in every stunning and informative issue! Enjoy!!
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A Needle Pulling Thread Issue 46 Cover Image
Issue 46 Digital Version
Welcome to another exciting issue as we explore so many stitches together. We begin two series you don't want to miss: The Beauty of Texture, and Thoughtful Soles. The Beauty of Texture explores the evolution of smocking in what today is referred to as fabric manipulation. Written by Judith Marquis, Part 1 explains this concept in depth offering how-to charts and showing how smocking is featured in trendy decor items. Now you can make your own trendy accessories. The Thoughtful Soles series is a collection of witty socks designed literally to tickle your funny bone, starting with Dark Mushrooms Socks. We also take a look at the old art form of Paper Embroidery, the old is new again? We have two paper embroidery projects that spell 'love'. Last but not least, the projects in this issue from quilts to shawls to needle rolls have all been expressed with brilliant colour as inspired by the colours and nature of lovebirds. Enjoy the issue!
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A Needle Pulling Thread Issue 45 Cover
Issue 45 Digital Version
What to say about our new issue? Pay attention to the details! Details abound and enhance projects taking them from really nice to super special. Take the Purple Cornflower Quilt for example. You'll find loving words like family, love, happiness etc. We encourage you to machine embroider your favourite words across the petals and leaves. Two extraordinary teapot cozies worth taking notice of, one sewn and the other crocheted. This isn't all. There are quilted projects to make using appliqué, free motion quilting, and adding details a little out of the ordinary. Adding bling to our knitted projects, and making the Eggli Vest for a feeling of versatility, wear it 2 ways! Make the Nutcracker Tree in time for Christmas - using only black floss and a little metallic thread for stars. AND we showcase two fascinating women in the world of quilting: Lise Belanger and Galla Grotto. Don't miss their extraordinary pieces of fibre art! You know there's more in this issue...get it, enjoy it!
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ANPT Summer 2017 Cover
Summer 2017 Digital Issue
You may have guessed this Red and White issue of A Needle Pulling Thread is a beautiful compilation of ideas to commemorate Canada's very special birthday. Between quilts and knit wear, there are 10 projects created in our patriotic colours, however, project ideas are eternal, once they are suggested you can modify these to suit your favourite colours and decor scheme. 2017 has been for me a year of knitting shawls, it just happened this way, and by synchronicity Cynthia MacDougall designed the Double Horseshoe Wedding Shawl for this issue. This is an appropriate culmination to her posts on where she reviewed Fibra Natura's Flax Lace and designed the Knitted Lace Stole for the bridesmaids or mother of the bride, you can get the pattern to it in her Flax lace yarn makes this exquisite knitted lace stole perfect for weddings post. In the same vein of exploring the Flax Lace yarn, crochet designer Ruth Forbes designed a delicately textured crocheted tank top that can so easily be dressed up or down, but it will always be very elegant. Finally, follow the journey of one artist who transformed a wedding dress bought at a thrift store into a fairy tale prom dress for her daughter Josephine. Make & Be Happy indeed, enjoy the issue.
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ANPT Spring 2017
Spring 2017 Digital Issue
The theme of this spring issue is using scraps and you'll be stunned at the amount of techniques covered in this stellar issue. See 4 ways to create captivating quilt blocks using foundation piecing, string piecing, paper piecing and curved piecing, using step by step pictures to show you these rather easy quilting techniques, that offer a lot of punch! Explore all 8 sensational quilting projects. Furthermore see how to make a charming rug using rare crochet stitches that looked layered! Knit the Woven Transverse Twill pattern to add real interest to your knitting projects using scraps. In My Heart is a gorgeous cross stitched heart that will inspire you to use your creativity to finish cross stitch projects to really make them your own. And did I tell you? Audrey Hepburn is in this issue too...check it out! There's so much more!
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ANPT Winter 2016/17 Cover
Winter 2016/17 Digital Issue
In this winter issue, we take the blah out of frosty scenes and add sparkle and hot colours! You'll find several exciting quilts that explore several quilting techniques such as: making a free motion quilted Zentangle Self Portrait, making a Quillow, try an easy way to make the stain glass effect, play with half square triangles using different intensities of printed pattern fabrics, and how to pair up stenciling and machine embroidery. Then warm up your wardrobe with 2 Fair Isle sweaters, a child's crochet cardi with bobbles and vines, and the exquisite trio of winter accessories using the sparkling bead knitting. There's so much more...including 3 cozy cushion tops using punchneedle, smocking, and Swedish weaving. Stay warm this winter!
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ANPT Fall 2016 Cover
Fall 2016 Digital Issue
The day the weather cools down, our hands are inspired to get busy. Our Fall 2016 issue is the solution to keep you inspired and in love with your favourite needle craft. Don't miss a full tutorial on Small Batch Ice Dyeing - you'll want to make your own printed fabric. Aside from the projects, we explore techniques like English Paper Piecing, machine embroidery, using the Brother ScanNCut, and using specialty quilting rulers. Then join us for an adventure on discovering Mystic Knitting - something we can all identify with. Included in this hot issue, are decorating ideas for the Thanksgiving season and you'll want to get started on. Get Christmas ready with the special Christmas cross stitched project: Jasperware Wedgewood Nativity Ornaments. All this is just the tip of the iceberg...
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ANPT Summer 2016 Cover
Summer 2016 Digital Issue
Let's herald the end of our winter slumber with fresh and floral spring projects! Embrace all that is floral using many techniques to achieve stunning needlework projects. It's essential to your needlework skill set to know the techniques included in this issue including machine embroidery tips, curved piecing, quilting with denim and quilting cotton, 3D knitting, and colouring with thread, to name a few. Also, don't miss our essential guide to knitting needles, and a step by step tutorial on how to make your own purse - it's easier than you think. Enjoy spring, enjoy this new issue!
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ANPT Spring 2016
Spring 2016 Digital Issue
Let's herald the end of our winter slumber with fresh and floral spring projects! Embrace all that is floral using many techniques to achieve stunning needlework projects. It's essential to your needlework skill set to know the techniques included in this issue including machine embroidery tips, curved piecing, quilting with denim and quilting cotton, 3D knitting, and colouring with thread, to name a few. Also, don't miss our essential guide to knitting needles, and a step by step tutorial on how to make your own purse - it's easier than you think. Enjoy spring, enjoy this new issue!
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ANPT Fall 2015 Cover
Fall 2015 Digital Issue
It's been 10 glorious years featuring all crafts in every issue of ANPTmag! This issue celebrates 10 years with some of the greatest projects that reflect the fall and winter season, including some of the most exquisite sweaters, shawls and ornaments perfect for the holidays ahead! There are 4 exquisite shawls to make, one for every activity, dressing up for a party, walking in the woods or just for lounging around the house when the weather is cold outside. Don't miss on making the 9-patch re-vamped quilt, so easy to make you'll want to make one in every colour-way... perhaps give a few away as gifts. Plus, I've included must-make accessories like a poncho, scarf and hat set, socks for yourself or for gift-giving. Add panache to your holiday decor with our exceptional Halloween and Christmas ornaments and needlework galore that spell out I LOVE stitching! Get the 10th Anniversary issue today and join the celebration in stitches with these great seasonal projects!
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ANPTmag Summer 2015
Summer 2015 Digital Issue
Summer, summer, I love you! Summer shines on all that we do, our hearts are light and happy times roll. Our summer issue is all about making things that we can take to a day at the beach like quilts and bags. There are 5 different kinds of bags to sew, crochet, knit - you don't want to miss these! Knit up a gorgeous lacy cover up you can almost use as an evening dress. And what about an easy and quick-to-knit-up summer shell that keeps the sun shining well into the evening? Gotta make it! Every magnificent project in this issue spells out SUMMER! Also, in this issue is the big reveal of the Quilt Challenge, see these quilts and read about the 7 ways to incorporate design elements in your future quilts! Let the sun shine on!
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ANPTmag Spring 2015 issue
Spring 2015 Digital Issue
It's light, bright and beautiful! Our spring issue is not to be missed, filled with projects that reflect the soft and tender colors of spring. Make quilts and banners that celebrate waking up from winter's slumber, and gets you ready for the season with adorable knit and crochet items. Learn about useful techniques and tools to accomplish the projects with ease. Also not to be missed, is Cynthia's MacDougall's Seams Important - a comprehensive article with pictures about the different types of seams when finishing your knitting project. Learn which seams to use on your knit project that will make you look like the professional knitter you always dreamed to be.
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Winter 2014/15 Digital Issue
This issue is chock-full of heartwarming projects you don’t want to miss! The one thing all projects have in common is to warm up the winter season, and your heart! A quilted checkerboard and other toasty quilts are only a portion of the projects included in this winter issue. Start now, make scarves, mug rugs, cowls, hats, sweaters and a teapot cozy, to mention a few from the plethora of stitching ideas for gift giving. It’s never too early to start!
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