Monthly Archives: March 2022

Turner’s Sunset Blanket

JMW Turner’s paintings of sunsets are beautiful, and their stunning colours might very well reflect the effects of volcanic activity, according to Smithsonian Magazine. While the background colours differ from one painting to another, as the sun sets over land or water, rosy apricots, yellows, and creamy whites feature in almost all his sunset landscapes. […]

Monet’s Haystacks Shawl

In 1890-91, Claude Monet painted a series of landscapes featuring haystacks in the French countryside. In this series, Monet explored light and atmosphere, showing similar subjects across the seasons, at different times of day and in all kinds of weather. The overall triangular shape of this shawl, as well as the chevron lace pattern in […]

Elemental Fractal Series – AIR Part 4 of 4

The final design in this series is based on an actual aerial view of the earth, showing the air streams. Again, this fourth element is a more muted colour palette. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series as much as I enjoyed creating it! Download pattern. Read more in our Issue 58. Designed by Jo Gatenby […]

Simple Landscapes with Stitch and Paint │ Tutorial

A few years ago, I started to dye my own fabrics. Another adventure in surface design: so many colours, so may possibilities. Dyeing fabric using Procion dyes is a lengthy process: preparing the dyes in different colours and the soda ash solution, scour the fabric, the buckets. And then waiting for a few days before […]

History of Landscape Art

When I think about landscapes, a myriad of images come to mind; not just those created with fabric, but with paper, paint, and a combination of elements. I decided to investigate the history of landscape art. Summarized below is what I found. Landscape painting is the depiction of natural scenery in art; landscapes may capture […]

My Quilting Journey

I come from a long line of quilt makers from the Deccan Peninsula of India. My tiny Konkani community is cradled in an ancestral coastal village called Kalusta in Maharashtra. There, my grandmother, my great grandmothers, and great aunts have been making traditional quilts called Godharis. These traditional quilts are presented at every milestone and […]

Sea to Sky Lap Quilt

Highway 99, best known as the Sea to Sky Highway, begins just outside Vancouver, British Colombia and winds its way to the world-famous Whistler Blackcomb ski resort and beyond. It begins at sea level, and gradually twists and curves its way upwards through breathtaking scenery, as the ocean makes way to the spectacular mountain peaks […]