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Elemental Fractal Series – AIR Part 4 of 4

The final design in this series is based on an actual aerial view of the earth, showing the air streams. Again, this fourth element is a more muted colour palette. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series as much as I enjoyed creating it! Download pattern. Read more in our Issue 58. Designed by Jo Gatenby […]

Elemental Fractal Series – FIRE Part 3 of 4

As with EARTH, this fractal is more of a kaleidoscope composition, based on a flame – as you can tell from the brilliant colours! I quite like that two of the four pieces in this series are more muted colours, and two are quite bright, it makes for a nice balance, and an interesting composition […]

Elemental Fractal Series – WATER Part 2 of 4

While there are many examples of fractals in nature, from shells to cabbage, for WATER I became totally enchanted by a photo of a colorful spiral of coral, part of which became my ELEMENTAL WATER FRACTAL. This is one of two true fractals in the series (along with the last in the series, AIR). EARTH […]

Crafting in the time of Covid

When a friend wanted to start her family and conception didn’t happen within her planned schedule, she experienced stress. As her anxiety grew, her doctor advised she take up a craft to focus her mind elsewhere. She decided to return to making hairpin lace, something she did in university to calm herself before exams. Read […]

Elemental Fractal Series Part 1 of 4 Earth

I have always been fascinated by Fractals… things like those childhood kaleidoscopes, or Spirograph, would keep me entertained for hours! So, when I was considering ideas for an elemental series, the natural fractals found in nature were irresistible. Though I’ve taken a few liberties (the first Elemental Fractal in the series – AIR – and […]

Felting Fayetta

Needle felting is a wonderful craft, it’s easy to do and very relaxing, it’s also a very affordable craft with the wool and tools not costing a great deal. However, it’s highly addictive. Felting is the process of condensing wool and making it dense so that it forms together and makes a fabric, or in […]

Crafting in the time of Covid

When the package arrived, I anxiously ripped it open to see the yarn I had ordered. My heart lurched at the bright mustard yellow colour as my fingers fondled the lovely merino softness. According to my monitor and the description by the store, the yarn was supposed to be a pale butter yellow. The colour […]

Simon the Musician

Simon the Musician is one of the first designs I created when I moved to Canada. I wanted to create a Belarusan archetypal image. Simon the Musician is a popular character from the poem of the same name written by Yakub Kolas. Simon is a young village boy shunned by all for his love of […]