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The Folktale of Baba Yaga

What better story to highlight for the trees theme than the folktale of Baba Yaga? It’s a Belarusan folktale, set deep in the massive forest, that has been used to spook children over dozens of centuries in an attempt to get them to behave! Among the snaggy trees lives the ferocious witch Baba Yaga in […]

Simon the Musician

Simon the Musician is one of the first designs I created when I moved to Canada. I wanted to create a Belarusan archetypal image. Simon the Musician is a popular character from the poem of the same name written by Yakub Kolas. Simon is a young village boy shunned by all for his love of […]

Serendipity Colour Play Cushion Cover

Serendipity Colour Play Cushion Cover Pattern

It happened quite by serendipity. Suddenly, I found myself with a heap of leftover yarn. I also found a forgotten piece of evenweave fabric with an attractive texture to it, shortly after. The cloth is a great backdrop for Nizanka embroidery and if I gave the design some pop of colour, it will be quite […]