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The Lure of Birchwood

The Lure of Birchwood

From afar, details disappear and only silhouettes remain. Sharp corners of my memory have softened over time. The greater picture of things past remain and become more valuable. From afar, everything is seen differently. Although, I remember everything. The birches and the beauty of the birchwood are one of the natural symbols of Belarusian culture […]

Starry Sky Bag

Starry Sky Bag Pattern

It was a sad day last year when the only importer of Monk’s Cloth in North America had dropped the distribution line. This left all suppliers and crafters wondering who would pick up the line and when? A burning question on everyone’s mind since it’s not an easy task to do. As an entrepreneur, it’s […]

Serendipity Colour Play Cushion Cover

Serendipity Colour Play Cushion Cover Pattern

It happened quite by serendipity. Suddenly, I found myself with a heap of leftover yarn. I also found a forgotten piece of evenweave fabric with an attractive texture to it, shortly after. The cloth is a great backdrop for Nizanka embroidery and if I gave the design some pop of colour, it will be quite […]