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Artist Profile – Barbara Hilts

Medallion VII
[columns] [span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][/columns] Barb Hilts’s textile art pieces are intriguing at first sight. A better look will reveal its similarities to the art of smocking. While majoring in Textile Design at the Ontario College of Art, Barb was introduced to hand painted silk and was intrigued with the ability to produce and control […]

Mystery Project

Carolyn Mitchell has devoted the past thirty-five years to sharing her love of textiles, thread and creative stitchery with all those she meets. A National Standard Council of American Embroiderers (NSCAE) certified teacher and talented designer, Carolyn has also owned and run a very popular needlework store, Mrs. Twitchett’s Eye, opening in 1988 in Whitehorse, […]

in the Spotlight – Nancy Hall

Nancy Hall

Why use someone else’s patterns when you can design your own? That is the philosophy of designer Nancy Hall who started hooking in 2000 and hasn’t stopped. However, she hopes you are inspired to try her design that speaks of spring near a lake. “This project includes the colours of spring with new shoots and […]

Springtime brings tulips with creative sewing!

Springtime brings tulips!

Bring tulips to life with remnants of fabric, fibre fill, a quilt batting and a few simple stitches. Make as many as you like. Display in a basket, vase or even a repurposed canning jar. Read more in our Spring 2014 issue. Designed by Nancy Devine Heaven is Hand Made [email protected] nancywhiskeynancyo.blogspot.com