Blooming Bluebird

Blooming Bluebird

Treasure from the past

Last summer my husband and I undertook the task of clearing his mother’s apartment as she was moving into assisted living. It was an arduous task to choose what to keep and of what to dispose. This was her home and her life in treasures that held no meaning for me personally. That is until I came across a dresser scarf which she had embroidered for my husband’s room when he was just a baby so many years ago. I had never known my mother-in–law to pick up a needle unlike my mother so it made this piece such a treasure. This bluebird design was the only piece of embroidery we found and it really tugged at my heart.
This timeless little bluebird is a design which could be reworked in so many different mediums. By enlarging or reducing, adding detail or keeping it simple, to me there was a wealth of creativity just waiting to be explored. I started to make a list of ways I could use it and came up with twenty five, although I don’t know how to do all of them!
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Designed by Judith Marquis
Amberlane & Amberpetites

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