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Nancy Hall

Nancy Hall

Why use someone else’s patterns when you can design your own? That is the philosophy of designer Nancy Hall who started hooking in 2000 and hasn’t stopped. However, she hopes you are inspired to try her design that speaks of spring near a lake.
“This project includes the colours of spring with new shoots and greenery,” says the Sandy Hook, Manitoba, designer. “I hope it offers light-hearted inspiration for readers.” She says she likes to add natural elements to her designs probably because she lives near one of the largest lakes in the province and is surrounded by nature.
Nancy began to hook when she saw a design in a magazine. “I thought it looked interesting and decided to give it a try,” she says. “I am still amazed that you can paint a picture with this medium!” As she says, she “hit the ground running”.
Despite her desire to include natural elements, Nancy is not above inserting political statements into her work, which is why she considers herself more of an artist than a crafter. “I’ve taken political issues and turned them into feminist statements, so my subject matter is more suited to the art world than the craft world.”
Nancy has been creating since childhood. “I have a very frugal side to me, so I’ve always sewed my own clothes and I knit, but nothing grabbed my attention the way hooking has because I can make pictures.” What gives her the most satisfaction from hooking, besides designing her own pictures, is the use of recycled materials. “I love how this links me to the origins of the craft, to a time when materials were scarce and not to be squandered. I often think as I’m deconstructing old garments or cutting around worn-out patches of blankets that our beloved and beleaguered Earth would be in much better shape now if those old values had persisted.”
Read more in our Spring 2009 issue.

Article by Nancy Hall
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