Monthly Archives: October 2020

Seattle Station Quilt

One of the most beautiful buildings I’ve found in the United States is the train station in Seattle Washington. It’s full of marble, carved window casings and huge wooden benches. It’s also heavily trimmed with a gold and green mosaic tile. When I was there several years ago, I took numerous photos, hoping to incorporate […]

The Windmill Quilt Block

This windmill block pattern is offered here in 3″ block sizes. Any of my blocks can be made smaller or larger than these by playing with the size options on your colour printer before printing. Download pattern. Read more in our Issue 53. Designed by Olesya Lebedenko Patreon.com/olesyalebedenkodesign [email protected] Instagram Facebook

The Architecture of Garments

We don’t often think of our garments – sewn, knitted or crocheted – as structures, but they are. They’re man-made, and they have components which actually meet the criteria for two forms of structure: frame and shell. Frame structures are defined as structures made of separate, often thin, pieces that are put together, and shell […]

Ergonomically Correct

In 30 years of quilting I’ve certainly found myself suffering now and then from little aches and pains because I’ve spent hours stitching, binding, quilting or otherwise creating in my studio with no regard for ergonomics. So, I reached out to a local expert, Wendy Otto, Physiotherapist to compile a few tips for all of […]

Sol y Mar Bed Scarf

Last year on vacation in Loreto, Mexico I fell in love with the tiles I saw everywhere. Especially on the staircase in this photo. I decided I needed to incorporate the look into my home decor…This felted wool bed runner is the result. Update your bedroom décor with this Mexican tile inspired bed runner. It […]