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My Quilting Journey

I come from a long line of quilt makers from the Deccan Peninsula of India. My tiny Konkani community is cradled in an ancestral coastal village called Kalusta in Maharashtra. There, my grandmother, my great grandmothers, and great aunts have been making traditional quilts called Godharis. These traditional quilts are presented at every milestone and […]

In the Manner of Jane Quilt

When I left the world of quilt magazine publishing in 2019, that wasn’t the end of my quilting career. After taking a short break, I started to work on my Quilt Appraisal Certification. For most appraisers, it takes about three years to certify. At the rate I’m going, it will take the rest of my […]

The Woman of the Pink Month

The portrait genre is very popular in art. A textile portrait is a fairly new phenomenon. At the most prestigious quilt festivals today, you can see many different examples of portrait art. Why is this genre so popular today? In the recent past, the portrait could be used mainly by artists. It was necessary to […]

Healing Through Embroidery

Last year I read about a new challenge from the San Francisco School of Needlework and Design. Entitled Healing and Reflection, the challenge was to produce a stitching exploring the concepts of healing and one’s experience with embroidery. I was enticed to participate, as I have found much benefit in my own health journey, once […]

My Father, a Man Who Made a Difference

My father passed away very recently. Although he was elderly with health issues, his death was sudden and unexpected. It tore my very soul apart. There is now a painful void in my heart, and though the pain may diminish over the years, that void will never be filled. My only solace is knowing he […]