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Heart and Star Stuffies with Scrubby Yarn

Fun with Shaped Scrubby Stuffies The absolute best thing about knitting your own stuffedscrubbies are the fun shapes you can do. All the store bought scrub pads are usually round, let’s be honest, we are knitters and that round scrubber is boring! Let’s get onto some exciting shapes, like heart and star stuffies with Scrubby […]

6 Benefits of Using Scrubby Yarn in the Kitchen

Spring is in the process of springing and everyone is cleaning their entire house, but the room that usually needs the most love is the kitchen. There are a multitude of products you can use to clean your kitchen, but none so beneficial as the hand-knit dishcloth and Scrubby yarn takes this simple washcloth, to […]

Artist Profile – Diane Ayles

Delicate Shades of Pink

A discussion with Diane Ayles Hooked Wool Fibre Artist [columns] [span6] [/span6][span6] [/span6][/columns] Rosalie I. Tennison: What enticed you to delve into rug hooking in the first place? Diane Ayles: On a warm summer afternoon my urge to paint and create moved me to look at different mediums to express myself. A special gift from […]

Scrubby, the NEW Yarn from Red Heart!

This was my first time seeing Scrubby, the NEW Yarn from Red Heart for dishcloths! The first thing that popped into my head was an amazing thick, lush dishcloth. The kind that is tough enough to battle a casserole dish with baked on stains, but soft enough it isn’t going to rough up your hands. […]