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A Close Look at Couching

Welcome back to another installment of “In the Studio …” I remember the day the world stopped: March 13th, 2020. Suddenly, the world was thrust in the middle of a tsunami of news, troubling reports and conflicting information about the seriousness and dangers of the Covid-19 virus. Read more in our Issue 55. Ana Buzzalino […]

Deep Rooted

In a country like Canada which is blessed with four very distinct seasons, nothing heralds the seasonal changes like the trees. They give us brilliant, acid greens in the e spring, heady maple reds and aspen yellows in the fall and stark, monochromatic, sculptural forms in the winter. I love them all! Read more in […]

Felting Fayetta

Needle felting is a wonderful craft, it’s easy to do and very relaxing, it’s also a very affordable craft with the wool and tools not costing a great deal. However, it’s highly addictive. Felting is the process of condensing wool and making it dense so that it forms together and makes a fabric, or in […]

Thread and Fiber Art

Thread and Fibre Art Pattern

When I do embroidery or longarm quilting, I’m always sad to see the scrap threads in the thread catcher. It seems a waste to throw away such beautiful fibers, so I started collecting them. I’m often asked what I’ll do with them and while I had some ideas, I didn’t really have a plan. When […]

Harriet and Basil

Harriet and Basil

Oh how I love bunnies! I researched the symbolic meaning of bunnies and found they stand for abundance, comfort, and vulnerability. Now I understand why I love bunnies, I’m surrounded by an abundance of love from my six granddaughters and family. Bunnies do provide me with comfort, yet when I show my work to others […]

Mother Earth

Mother Earth was exhibited twice, in La Roche Posay, France and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Back in France, I was surprised by the reaction of viewers and artists. They came to look at it many times over. And … some cried and several mentioned that Mother Earth has very sad eyes. Read more in our Issue […]