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Swing into Spring Wall Hanging

Considering a project that reflects TREES the first thing that came to mind was the swing we had on an old cherry tree in our backyard. The tree and swing have long been gone but the memories live on! While on one of our morning walks, I found the perfect tree to use as inspiration […]

A Close Look at Couching

Welcome back to another installment of “In the Studio …” I remember the day the world stopped: March 13th, 2020. Suddenly, the world was thrust in the middle of a tsunami of news, troubling reports and conflicting information about the seriousness and dangers of the Covid-19 virus. Read more in our Issue 55. Ana Buzzalino […]

Deep Rooted

In a country like Canada which is blessed with four very distinct seasons, nothing heralds the seasonal changes like the trees. They give us brilliant, acid greens in the e spring, heady maple reds and aspen yellows in the fall and stark, monochromatic, sculptural forms in the winter. I love them all! Read more in […]

Summer in the Forest

Trees are nature’s lungs each having its own unique shape and patterns. They play a big part in our lives and the ecosystem. They provide shelter, shade, food, and wood for our homes as well habitat for insects, birds, and animals. Their roots cling to the earth and the branches reach for the sky, moving […]

Old Meeting New Architecture Royal Ontario Museum Wall-hanging

The theme for this issue, the shape of things, made me think about unusual shaped buildings. In researching this I discovered that the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) has a very unique design combining its original heritage stone façade with the Lee-Chin Crystal section. The older section was created in a neo-Byzantine style with rusticated stone, […]

Thread and Fiber Art

Thread and Fibre Art Pattern

When I do embroidery or longarm quilting, I’m always sad to see the scrap threads in the thread catcher. It seems a waste to throw away such beautiful fibers, so I started collecting them. I’m often asked what I’ll do with them and while I had some ideas, I didn’t really have a plan. When […]

The Silk Lotus Flower

The Silk Lotus Flower

Rug Hooking can be an almost meditative activity. One falls into a meditative rhythm pulling the loops up through the backing, watching as a beautiful design evolves. What better way to further the connection between our artistic process and our spirituality than by hooking a beautiful lotus flower? Long a symbol of spiritual enlightenment, the […]

Harriet and Basil

Harriet and Basil

Oh how I love bunnies! I researched the symbolic meaning of bunnies and found they stand for abundance, comfort, and vulnerability. Now I understand why I love bunnies, I’m surrounded by an abundance of love from my six granddaughters and family. Bunnies do provide me with comfort, yet when I show my work to others […]