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A Close Look at Couching

Welcome back to another installment of “In the Studio …” I remember the day the world stopped: March 13th, 2020. Suddenly, the world was thrust in the middle of a tsunami of news, troubling reports and conflicting information about the seriousness and dangers of the Covid-19 virus. Read more in our Issue 55. Ana Buzzalino […]

Matchstick Quilting, Satin Stitch and Cross Stitch

The Slow Stithing Movement and the Running Stitch

Let’s talk about tight quilting and straight-line machine quilting. You’ve probably heard of the term matchstick quilting which is used to describe very close-together, parallel, straight-lines, hundreds of them across the quilt top. This method of machine quilting is clean and modern and when done well … it looks amazing. It can be as tight […]