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Working with Transfer Artist Paper

Welcome to a new installment of “In the Studio …” This time, I’d like to share with you a technique I use often in my work: image transfer. I have tried different techniques to transfer images onto fabric, but by far, the easiest and most successful is with the use of Transfer Artist Paper or […]

In the Studio with Ana Buzzalino

Thank you for joining me in my studio! In this installment, I would like to share a technique for hand-dyeing fabric that gives unique results where no two pieces will be alike. I’m talking about rust dyeing. It’s a great way to get that brownish-red colour and some interesting textures. You can dye both natural […]

Matchstick Quilting, Satin Stitch and Cross Stitch

The Slow Stithing Movement and the Running Stitch

Let’s talk about tight quilting and straight-line machine quilting. You’ve probably heard of the term matchstick quilting which is used to describe very close-together, parallel, straight-lines, hundreds of them across the quilt top. This method of machine quilting is clean and modern and when done well … it looks amazing. It can be as tight […]

Party Favours

Party Favors Pattern

Brighten the place settings at your next party with these colourful party favours. The empty spools from balls of DMC pearl cotton form the core. Your stash of leftover bits and pieces of fabric and threads will provide plenty of inspiration for creating the decorative wrapping. Fill the favours with mints or other tiny treats […]

The Slow Stithing Movement and the Running Stitch

The Slow Stithing Movement and the Running Stitch

Do you remember the world before the Internet? What did we do before screens, tablets and phones? I remember growing up with books instead of TVs and tablets; walking to the bookstore and stopping at the bakery to buy a pastry (or two); taking the train to go downtown which gave me time to daydream […]