Monthly Archives: February 2021

Crafting in the time of Covid

When the package arrived, I anxiously ripped it open to see the yarn I had ordered. My heart lurched at the bright mustard yellow colour as my fingers fondled the lovely merino softness. According to my monitor and the description by the store, the yarn was supposed to be a pale butter yellow. The colour […]

My Darling Vinny Wallhanging

It’s no surprise that science has shown dogs improve your physical, mental and emotional health. This face makes my life better. He makes me smile and laugh. He forces me to move; to get outside and walk no matter what the weather. He encourages me to be more mindful of the present. He makes me […]

Keep It Picasso Simple Quilt

If you can make an incredible dinner simply by taking the leftovers in your fridge, then you can make a portrait art quilt. All you need is confidence, the same confidence you have when rummaging through your fridge and pantry and cooking up a storm, including a great app on your smartphone! These instructions are […]

Simon the Musician

Simon the Musician is one of the first designs I created when I moved to Canada. I wanted to create a Belarusan archetypal image. Simon the Musician is a popular character from the poem of the same name written by Yakub Kolas. Simon is a young village boy shunned by all for his love of […]

Snuggles Sweater

My neighbors dog, Snuggles, is a fashionista when it comes to dog sweaters and coats. During the winter months, Snuggles can be seen sporting a variety of different apparel on her walks. Since I have a fascination with plaids and noticed that Snuggles didn’t own a plaid sweater, I decided to make one for her. […]