A Good Omen

A Good Omen

Do you believe in superstitions?

In the days when water was drawn from a well and carried back to the house in buckets on shoulder poles, there was a superstition about it in Belarus. If one came across a girl or woman with I like to stitch a good omen in all my cross-stitch projects linking back to the times that started it. While I worked on this design and the stitching of this piece, I poured good thoughts for all those who would endeavor to stitch it. Little did I know at the time how much we would all need a good omen in 2020. I wish you good luck in her buckets full of water this was considered a lucky omen.

If instead the buckets were empty, then the contrary was fated. Although we don’t carry water in buckets any longer, the superstition persists. everything you do.

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Designed by Iryna Varabei
Spirit of Belarus