Monthly Archives: December 2016

Quick, Cool & Colourful Small Batch Ice Dyeing

Quick, Cool & Colourful Small Batch Ice Dyeing Pattern - Fall 2016

I took a dye class through my local school board and was hooked. Playing with various techniques at home, I discovered that dyeing yardage in an apartment is a challenge, that fat quarters are more suitable to my circumstances and style of working and that Shibori and ice dyeing are my favourite techniques. As much […]

Victorian Lace Scarf

Victorian Lace Scarf Pattern - Festive 2011

For this scarf, the motif is stacked, but it can be varied: put the motif in different locations; use graph paper and chart out the motif in a pattern that appeals to you. Read more in our Festive 2011 issue. Download the PDF pattern now. Designed by Cynthia MacDougall www.CGKnitters.ca blog: cgknitters.ca/blog/ ravelry name: macknitnow

Victorian Christmas Lace Tea Cozy & Tea Towel Set

Victorian Christmas Lace Tea Cozy & Tea Towel Set Pattern - Festive 2011

Christmas is my favorite time of year with all the stores decked out in their finest bling and glitter, trees all lit up and carols being sung. What’s not to like about the season? In my family, we always made a special gift or two when we were young and I have kept up that […]

Trio of Smocked Ornaments: Bliss, Passion, & Cheer

Bliss, Passion, & Cheer Pattern - Festive 201

Smocked ornaments are so much fun to create. They give you a chance to experiment with unconventional fabrics, different fibres and new stitches. They are fairly fast, low cost and very portable. And you can make them any time of year. Just change the colour scheme and you have a decoration for another event. A […]