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Victorian Lace Scarf

Victorian Lace Scarf Pattern - Festive 2011

For this scarf, the motif is stacked, but it can be varied: put the motif in different locations; use graph paper and chart out the motif in a pattern that appeals to you. Read more in our Festive 2011 issue. Download the PDF pattern now. Designed by Cynthia MacDougall www.CGKnitters.ca blog: cgknitters.ca/blog/ ravelry name: macknitnow

Copper Flair Bed scarf and Pillow

Copper Flair Bed scarf and Pillow

There is absolute beauty working with decorative stitches from your sewing machine combined with machine embroidery. Crocheting embellishments is another way to add flair to your project. There are many different tools to accomplish all creative ideas. Using stabilizers to secure decorative stitches as well as embroideries are very important, using the proper needle for […]

Jack Frost Scarf

Jack Frost Scarf
[columns] [span4] [/span4][span8] [/span8][/columns] With Carla’s request for a beaded scarf project, came the perfect opportunity for combining beads with knit lace using a technique that adds beads during the knitting process. No pre-stringing is required for this style of beaded knit. A fine crochet hook that fits into the hole in the bead is […]

The Dragon’s Tail Knitted Scarf

Dragon’s Tail Scarf
[columns] [span4] [/span4][span8] [/span8][/columns] Who doesn’t like a knitted scarf? When I knit something for someone, I want to make sure that the pattern I choose for them reflects their personality. I couldn’t imagine knitting the item without knowing what their favourite colour is either. In 2011 I decided to make a scarf for each […]