The Dragon’s Tail Knitted Scarf

Dragon’s Tail Scarf
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Dragon’s Tail Scarf


Dragon’s Tail Scarf - detail


Who doesn’t like a knitted scarf? When I knit something for someone, I want to make sure that the pattern I choose for them reflects their personality. I couldn’t imagine knitting the item without knowing what their favourite colour is either. In 2011 I decided to make a scarf for each of my girlfriends of the Soccer Moms Club – it’s not an actual club. Although our boys stopped playing rep soccer long ago, we still get together to enjoy each other’s company.
I found the perfect scarf pattern for each of the ‘girls’, but couldn’t find one that suited my friend Judy perfectly, despite my search.
Since her cultural background is Asian, I thought of the dragon and the colour red, and came up with the Dragon Tail Scarf, which sports an awesome cable.
Sometimes, when you can’t find the pattern you want, you just have to sit down and create it yourself.

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Download the PDF pattern now.

Designed by Carla A. Canonico