The Mug Rug Challenge: Snowflake Mug Rug

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Snowflake Mug Rug

Last fall I created my first mug rug for and was very pleased with the results. I really loved the fact that the little piece could be made in one sitting. While working on this mug rug I started thinking about how these mug rugs could be designed and came up with so many ideas. At the same time I was thinking about my own blog, Quilts by Jen and how I needed to write more posts and have cool projects to talk about, highlight and try out new techniques.
The idea gave birth to a new challenge for 2015 to create a mug rug a week – each week something different whether it be traditional patchwork, appliqué, an art quilt or an abstract design. To start off the series here’s the Snowflake Mug Rug. Check out more mug rugs on
Read more in our Winter 2014 issue.

Designed by Jennifer Houlden

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