Copper Flair Bed scarf and Pillow

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Copper Flair Bed scarf and Pillow

There is absolute beauty working with decorative stitches from your sewing machine combined with machine embroidery. Crocheting embellishments is another way to add flair to your project. There are many different tools to accomplish all creative ideas. Using stabilizers to secure decorative stitches as well as embroideries are very important, using the proper needle for every technique, and decorative feet to get the maximum potential of all of your sewing feet that you might have. Many times sewing feet sit in our sewing room, perhaps unused, when they are what makes or breaks a project for that one of a kind look.
Each of the sections indicated on the bed scarf can be done in a variety of fabrics and different decorative threads and ribbons. Use your imagination.
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Designed by Cheryl Stranges
Product & Event Specialist

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