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Words of Gratitude and Wisdom Tree Subway Art

When I learned of the theme for this issue was exploring Words of Gratitude and Wisdom, I immediately thought of how popular subway art is in machine embroidery. I also pictured a family tree but instead of using family names, I pictured words of gratitude and wisdom that reflect both how we felt during the […]

Star Gazing Table Runner

While planning my project for the theme – Neutral with a Pop of Colour – modern quilting came to mind and to me nothing is more modern than quilting with embroidery! The 260 x 260mm, creativeTM Grand Quilters Hoop along with the free beautiful quilting designs that are available for it, made this theme easy […]

Faces in Line Art Portraits

I love incorporating technology into my sewing. While embroidery software has been around for years, many people shy away because they think the software is complicated and it can be. However, some features make creating your designs so easy, anything is possible. I used the mySewnetTM Embroidery software (Platinum) to create the samples in this […]

Quilting Faces the Easy Way!

For the longest time I was more comfortable using squares and triangle shapes as part of my quilts. With time and the help of great teachers I discovered some techniques were not as difficult and mind blowing as I thought they would be. After each new workshop, I ventured out of my comfort zone to […]

My Darling Vinny Wallhanging

It’s no surprise that science has shown dogs improve your physical, mental and emotional health. This face makes my life better. He makes me smile and laugh. He forces me to move; to get outside and walk no matter what the weather. He encourages me to be more mindful of the present. He makes me […]

Keep It Picasso Simple Quilt

If you can make an incredible dinner simply by taking the leftovers in your fridge, then you can make a portrait art quilt. All you need is confidence, the same confidence you have when rummaging through your fridge and pantry and cooking up a storm, including a great app on your smartphone! These instructions are […]