Faces in Line Art Portraits

Faces in Line Art Portraits

I love incorporating technology into my sewing. While embroidery software has been around for years, many people shy away because they think the software is complicated and it can be. However, some features make creating your designs so easy, anything is possible.

I used the mySewnetTM Embroidery software (Platinum) to create the samples in this article. It’s a subscription- based software available in different configurations. It’s replacing the previous version of embroidery software called Premier+TM 2, which will be phased out but can still be purchased and is supported. I used the PFAFF creative iconTM to stitch the designs.

While these embroidery designs look incredibly complicated, they’re so easy to create using the PhotoStitch Wizard. You can easily convert a photo of a favourite location, person, or pet into an embroidery design.

Download pattern.
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Designed by Elaine Theriault