Quilting Faces the Easy Way!

Quilting Faces the Easy Way!

For the longest time I was more comfortable using squares and triangle shapes as part of my quilts. With time and the help of great teachers I discovered some techniques were not as difficult and mind blowing as I thought they would be. After each new workshop, I ventured out of my comfort zone to eventually find creative and uncomplicated solutions to quilting challenges.

One such technique I never enjoyed working with is hand appliqués. Many of my friends know not to suggest I do hand appliqués. I envy the quilter who has the time and patience to not only hand appliqué a few small pieces, but to do full Baltimore Album quilts. Although time consuming, I love to hand quilt and I enjoy doing English Paper Piecing. So, how do you make a full appliqué quilt when you don’t like hand appliqué? Well in my case, I learned how to do machine appliqué and I liked it. I’ve now made a few quilts using my new skill set, some of which I explained how to do on QUILTsocial.

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