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Canada the Majestic Wall Quilt

My inspiration for “Canada the Majestic” came from the wonderful land formations in Canada, there are many that are truly unique and recognizable. From west to east, you can find many inspirational landmarks to make a landscape quilt. The west coast has magnificent mountains and breathtaking scenery. The autumn season in Canada has exquisite and […]

Harvest Time Glasses Case with Clasp

When the theme for this issue was announced, I immediately knew what I was going to make. We all have a special place from which we draw our strength. My special place is in the Ukrainian countryside where my grandmother lived. Golden roofs and peaceful green fields are favourite elements I love to showcase and […]

Family and Friends Quilt

When the theme of this issue was announced I had no idea what word to use, much less the technique I’d use. I asked my Facebook friends what positive words best reflected the pandemic. There were many great words, but three that stuck with me were family, friends, and awakening. As a single person living […]

Quilting Faces the Easy Way!

For the longest time I was more comfortable using squares and triangle shapes as part of my quilts. With time and the help of great teachers I discovered some techniques were not as difficult and mind blowing as I thought they would be. After each new workshop, I ventured out of my comfort zone to […]

Throat Chakra Mandala

Throat Chakra Mandala Quilted Cushion Cover

This design is my rendition of the Throat Chakra. I added a fuchsia coloured lotus flower at the center with golden thread to represent the wealth of knowledge that is contained in the ether from where one can receive inspiration or answers when in tuned with the higher self. It also has 16 rays of […]

Purse Pop! Round Bag

Hello fellow crafters! I’m happy to share with you the instructions for the adorable Purse Pop! My love and passion for colours, fabrics, positive energy, and beauty allows me to transform functional everyday items into pieces of art that make our days brighter and happier. Let’s sew! With love, Olesya. Read more in our Issue […]

Heart 2 Heart Mandalas

In this project, I’ll show you two of the techniques listed above; the stand-alone FMQ design or embroidery and the Raw Edge Appliqué with FMQ design. This project can be done on a domestic sewing machine. All you would need is a FMQ foot and to lower the feed dogs. It can also be done […]