Family and Friends Quilt

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Family and Friends Quilt

When the theme of this issue was announced I had no idea what word to use, much less the technique I’d use. I asked my Facebook friends what positive words best reflected the pandemic. There were many great words, but three that stuck with me were family, friends, and awakening. As a single person living alone, staying home during the pandemic had its moments. Some of those moments were difficult, while others were fun. As always, my family and friends were there for me, and we supported each other in every possible way. My friends are like family and my family are like friends. For that reason, I decided to use the word family, and include the word friend in Braille so, should my blind friend come to visit, he would also feel welcome. I encourage you to make a word quilt with a word that has meaning for you.

Download pattern.
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Designed by Paul Léger

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