Heart 2 Heart Mandalas

Heart 2 Heart Mandalas

In this project, I’ll show you two of the techniques listed above; the stand-alone FMQ design or embroidery and the Raw Edge Appliqué with FMQ design.

This project can be done on a domestic sewing machine. All you would need is a FMQ foot and to lower the feed dogs. It can also be done with a sit down mid arm quilting machine.

You can use the Heart 2 Heart Mandala to make a decorative cushion or, my personal favourite, frame your work as if it were an oil painting. Use a blank painting canvas, wrap the quilted piece around it and staple it to the back. Then cover the back with thick black cardboard used for crafts and install a hook behind the frame to hang the piece on the wall. It will become a conversation piece.

Hopefully, this will give you the push you need to start Free Motion Quilting unique designs on your projects with confidence.

Read more in our Issue 45.
Download the PDF pattern now.

Designed by Édith Choinière