Throat Chakra Mandala

Throat Chakra Mandala Quilted Cushion Cover

Throat Chakra Mandala

This design is my rendition of the Throat Chakra. I added a fuchsia coloured lotus flower at the center with golden thread to represent the wealth of knowledge that is contained in the ether from where one can receive inspiration or answers when in tuned with the higher self. It also has 16 rays of sunshine on the outer border to represent the sun, giver of life.

This is a very special chakra to me as it represents my journey to reconnect with my true self. I feel that through my art, drawing, quilting and writing, I become aware of who I am and what I want to accomplish, and my work reflects it.

“The Throat Chakra is the center of communication and purification. Balancing this chakra can help you reconnect with your true nature and make you feel safe enough to express it. A strong and balanced Fifth Chakra can also help you get in touch with your desires and feelings that have been suppressed or long forgotten about.

The Throat Chakra is represented by a lotus with 16 petals. It’s also the first of the spiritual chakra. Its color is blue, and its element is ether. It’s also known as Akasha, meaning space or upper sky. In the physical body, this chakra is related to the thyroid gland. Its attributes are creativity and expression.”

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Designed by Édith Choinière
Collection Inédith
Facebook: Collection.Inedith