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Turner’s Sunset Blanket

JMW Turner’s paintings of sunsets are beautiful, and their stunning colours might very well reflect the effects of volcanic activity, according to Smithsonian Magazine. While the background colours differ from one painting to another, as the sun sets over land or water, rosy apricots, yellows, and creamy whites feature in almost all his sunset landscapes. […]

Monet’s Haystacks Shawl

In 1890-91, Claude Monet painted a series of landscapes featuring haystacks in the French countryside. In this series, Monet explored light and atmosphere, showing similar subjects across the seasons, at different times of day and in all kinds of weather. The overall triangular shape of this shawl, as well as the chevron lace pattern in […]

Bali Pops Socks & Raspberry Seeds Socks

Pops of colour in knitting can only mean one thing – bobbles. I made Bali Pops with randomly placed bobbles using yarn that reminded me of the batik fabrics I used for patchwork quilting. In the second pair, Raspberry Seeds Socks, the bobbles are sedately lined and down the fronts and backs and the colour […]

Bee is for Blankie

The Bee Stitch is simple to knit, and it creates a lovely, textured fabric that traps air and helps insulate—perfect for blankets. Here, it is knit in Universal Wool Pop, a round, multi-plied yarn that is smooth and soft, with great stitch definition. The bamboo, wool and polyamide fibres in the yarn take dye differently, […]

Working with Neutrals + Intarsia Tips

I love colour. Neutrals, not so much, but they have a very important role in our colourful world. There’s a saying that without the dark we could not appreciate the light, and so it is with colour: without neutrals, colours would be harder to appreciate. Read more in our Issue 56. Designed by Cynthia MacDougall […]

Bringing Trees into Knitting

There are many ways to depict trees in our knitting. Some are figurative and others are more representative. Almost every knitting tradition – from airy, open Estonian lace to dense Aran cables have tree or leaf designs. Gansey and Cornish knit-purl designs have numerous patterns for knit-purl conical trees. Aran knitting has cable designs that […]

The Importance of Stitch Markers

All knitters use knitting needles, determining their favourite from a choice of double points, straight needles and circular needles. There is also a decision to be made between wood, bamboo, plastic and metal needles. But not all knitters use stitch markers, even though these little loops can be very helpful. Stitch markers can be small […]