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Château Laurier cardigan

Laurier Cardigan is knit in two sections. The first part, knit flat, makes up the back and sleeves. When it’s finished, the two sleeve seams are sewn up leaving a large hole at the center. The second part is knit by picking up stitches around the center opening. It creates the collar and body of […]

Notre Dame Crescent Shawl

Notre Dame Crescent Shawl

Cathedral burn in April 2019 was heartbreaking, but the generosity of people from around the world, and the resolve of the French citizens and their government give hope for its resurrection. The yarn chosen for this project has the colours of stained glass, and the overall shape of the shawl is suggestive of a section […]

T is for TURN socks

The architecture of a hand knit sock offers endless opportunities in design. However, the steps in construction are quite fixed and they depend on the ingenious heel turn. I used different colours of wool to draw attention to each component of the sock. I listed the words on the soles in different orders because regardless […]

Bumps in the Road Socks

The relative I chose to honour for this issue is my nephew-in-law. He is a devoted family man, an adventurous sportsman, a very skilled carpenter and a master at keeping motors operating. For these socks I used my own car motif on the legs and almost hidden words on the soles to congratulate him for […]

High Fibre Socks

High Fibre Socks

Picture a large hall with rows of spinning wheels up and down the center, each with a spinner wearing a handknit. Now imagine around the outside of the room to see vendors’ tables filled with handdyed yarn, carded fleece, bags of raw fleece and even a cage of angora rabbits. What you’re imagining is The […]

Thoughtful Sole Series – Wool Stew Socks

Thoughtful Sole Series - Wool Stew Socks Pattern

Sock 1 Problem, Sock 2 Solved! What do you do when your refrigerator is crowded with little dishes of leftovers? Make a hearty stew for supper. What do you do when your yarn basket is overflowing with little balls of leftover wool? Knit socks. Problem solved! I knit these socks with a variety of leftovers […]

Colourwash Socks

Colourwash Socks

I named this pair of socks, ‘Colourwash’ because they remind me of watercolour paintings. They feature a heart motif and an afterthought heel. This heel allows uninterrupted patterning around the foot which is why I have used it again even though my favourite heel is the standard heel flap and gusset.These socks make the perfect […]