High Fibre Socks

High Fibre Socks

High Fibre Socks

Picture a large hall with rows of spinning wheels up and down the center, each with a spinner wearing a handknit. Now imagine around the outside of the room to see vendors’ tables filled with handdyed yarn, carded fleece, bags of raw fleece and even a cage of angora rabbits.

What you’re imagining is The Gathering – an event held every year right here in Port Hope, my town.

I chose this event as my destination to celebrate because for me it has become a glorious, extravagant day of shopping and visiting with other fibre enthusiasts.

My High Fibre Socks were knit with purchases made at The Gathering.

The variegated yarn is Rambouillet wool and mohair created by Alison Brown.

The purple is wool and silk hand-dyed at Yvie Knits in Ottawa.

The mauve and green are my handspun wool and alpaca fibre from a farm near Lindsay. Even now I can remember the purchase experience of each.

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Designed by Lorraine Thompson