Whitecaps on Georgian Bay Shawl

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Whitecaps on Georgian Bay Shawl

I live in a small town on the southern shore of Georgian Bay, so my hometown IS a destination! Returning home after some time away is wondrous. You come over a hill on the escarpment, and suddenly there’s the bay in front of you, stretching out to the horizon. Georgian Bay’s moods are mercurial: calm and placid one day with barely a ripple on its glassy, blue surface; rough and angry the next with waves pounding the shoreline. In winter, it can be packed with ice, cold and implacable, but beautiful when it reflects an ethereal turquoise colour.

This design is evocative of one of the bay’s more playful moods, with whitecaps sparkling in the sunlight and waves lapping rhythmically on the beach. The shawl is the perfect size to toss over your shoulders when the breeze off the bay turns cool after sunset.

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Designed by Nancy Lekx
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