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Working with Neutrals + Intarsia Tips

I love colour. Neutrals, not so much, but they have a very important role in our colourful world. There’s a saying that without the dark we could not appreciate the light, and so it is with colour: without neutrals, colours would be harder to appreciate. Read more in our Issue 56. Designed by Cynthia MacDougall […]

Bringing Trees into Knitting

There are many ways to depict trees in our knitting. Some are figurative and others are more representative. Almost every knitting tradition – from airy, open Estonian lace to dense Aran cables have tree or leaf designs. Gansey and Cornish knit-purl designs have numerous patterns for knit-purl conical trees. Aran knitting has cable designs that […]

Knitting Fit for a Dog

The original title for this piece was “Practical mathematics for knitting,” but before I’d finished typing it, I could hear you yawning! Actually, I’ve wanted to write an article about math and knitting for a long time. Who would have thought a global pandemic would have created the opportunity! While this piece does include some […]

The Architecture of Garments

We don’t often think of our garments – sewn, knitted or crocheted – as structures, but they are. They’re man-made, and they have components which actually meet the criteria for two forms of structure: frame and shell. Frame structures are defined as structures made of separate, often thin, pieces that are put together, and shell […]