Snuggles Sweater

Snuggles Sweater

My neighbors dog, Snuggles, is a fashionista when it comes to dog sweaters and coats. During the winter months, Snuggles can be seen sporting a variety of different apparel on her walks. Since I have a fascination with plaids and noticed that Snuggles didn’t own a plaid sweater, I decided to make one for her.

My goal was to create a window pane plaid effect without carrying floats in behind. The vertical columns were done with a top stitching technique and crochet hook.

The sweater is knit in the round begining with the turtle neck collar and worked down. The lower chest is worked back and forth using a second set of needles, then rejoined in the round once the leg openings are complete.

Download pattern.
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Designed by Cindy O’Malley
[email protected]