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Cardinal Woods Quilt

There is nothing more beautiful than the stark contrast of the Red Cardinal against a bright winter sky. The inspiration behind this piece are the pair of cardinals that nest in Clodagh’s trees every year. Instructions complete with templates. Download pattern. Read more in our Issue 55. Designed by Clodagh Coker The Quilt Store 17817 […]

Skater’s Focus Quilt

Both of my daughters have figure skated since they were very young. We have lots of pictures of them skating, but as parents we rarely get to see what goes on behind the scenes at competitions. We were blessed in recent years to have an incredibly talented photographer as one of the girls’ team mates […]

Spotted Spools Quilted Banner

Quilters are among the most generous of people I have come across, making quits for friends, family and especially those in need. Made from the heart with love and kindness, a quilt provides comforting warmth and softness to its recipients. While we love to support charity quilting, it’s always a special day when quilters come […]

Thread and Fiber Art

Thread and Fibre Art Pattern

When I do embroidery or longarm quilting, I’m always sad to see the scrap threads in the thread catcher. It seems a waste to throw away such beautiful fibers, so I started collecting them. I’m often asked what I’ll do with them and while I had some ideas, I didn’t really have a plan. When […]