Old Meeting New Architecture Royal Ontario Museum Wall-hanging

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Old Meeting New Architecture Royal Ontario Museum Wall-hanging

The theme for this issue, the shape of things, made me think about unusual shaped buildings. In researching this I discovered that the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) has a very unique design combining its original heritage stone façade with the Lee-Chin Crystal section. The older section was created in a neo-Byzantine style with rusticated stone, triple windows within recessed arches and different coloured stones arranged in a variety of patterns. The new Deconstructivist* crystalline form is 25% glass and 75% aluminum, sitting on top of a steel frame; it is composed of five interlocking, self- supporting prismatic structures. These buildings co-exist but are not attached except for the bridges that link them. One interesting fact I discovered in my research is that the ROM has been ranked as one of the ten ugliest buildings in the world, so I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

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