The Silk Lotus Flower

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The Silk Lotus Flower

Rug Hooking can be an almost meditative activity. One falls into a meditative rhythm pulling the loops up through the backing, watching as a beautiful design evolves. What better way to further the connection between our artistic process and our spirituality than by hooking a beautiful lotus flower? Long a symbol of spiritual enlightenment, the lotus flower is a unique blossom. Its roots grow in mud and it retreats every night into murky river water. However, every day it miraculously rises from the muck and re-blooms with clean, fresh petals. In the same way, we can collect simple, natural fibres like silk, raffia and linen and in hooking them, watch a colourful masterpiece emerge.

Read more in our Issue 47.

Designed by Dawn Liu-Smyth
Owner of Heartfelt Fibre Arts, Toronto

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