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FIBRES – Every Yarn has Its Purpose

“Every yarn has its purpose” is one of my knitting mottos. Sometimes, the success of our knitting projects depends on selecting the right yarn for the job. Some fibres are better or more efficient at insulating the body, some are more receptive to machine washing, and some can do both. This article presents the relative […]

Heart and Star Stuffies with Scrubby Yarn

Fun with Shaped Scrubby Stuffies The absolute best thing about knitting your own stuffedscrubbies are the fun shapes you can do. All the store bought scrub pads are usually round, let’s be honest, we are knitters and that round scrubber is boring! Let’s get onto some exciting shapes, like heart and star stuffies with Scrubby […]

The Quilt Store

The Quilt Store staff
[columns] [span6] [/span6][span6] [/span6][/columns] In an unassuming strip mall in the north end of Newmarket, Ontario, a town some 40 miles north of Toronto, there is an oasis for knitters and quilters. From the outside, The Quilt Store.ca and The Yarn Store.ca are hidden behind ordinary industrial doors, but once a person steps through those […]