6 Benefits of Using Scrubby Yarn in the Kitchen

Spring is in the process of springing and everyone is cleaning their entire house, but the room that usually needs the most love is the kitchen. There are a multitude of products you can use to clean your kitchen, but none so beneficial as the hand-knit dishcloth and Scrubby yarn takes this simple washcloth, to the next level. Let me tell you about the 6 benefits of using Scrubby yarn in the kitchen…

Cleaning is a breeze with this thick cloth

Hand-knit dishcloths are more durable than disposable rags or sponges, and they’ve got the texture you need while scrubbing down messy counters. The Scrubby yarn is textured by nature, but you can add even more oomph by knitting in a rib pattern. The Double Thick Chevron Dishcloth pattern from yesterday’s blog post has a ribbed edge as well as a stockinet body. Stockinet stitch will still have texture to ensure you get maximum cleaning power with just one stroke. 

Scrubby yarn in the color Ocean

When wiping down your counters, the Scrubby yarn holds onto more water than your average cloth or sponge. This means fewer trips back to the sink or cleaning bucket when you’re really in a groove with cleaning. 

To wash them is a breeze, machine wash with warm water, on the gentle cycle. You can have a new clean cloth for every day instead of using the same disposable one. 

Scrubby yarn in Duckie color way

The smell. Everyone has had a stinky dishcloth or sponge, EVERYONE. That smell comes from bacteria growing from food particles or the material of the cloth itself. Scrubby is made from 100% polyester, as a synthetic fabric there is no danger of bacteria forming from the cloth itself. The food particles on the other hand are something that every dishcloth has to combat. I was concerned the texture of the yarn, which makes it so awesome for cleaning, would trap food particles causing the cloth to become smelly.

Two strands of Scrubby yarn in the Coconut color way

In the photo above are two strands of Scrubby and you can see where I would have trouble describing it. Any word, aside from textured, really doesn’t do it justice and that was my concern. In order to write the best possible ‘kitchen uses’ article, I put Scrubby through the ringer; I hand-washed a pile of dishes, wiped down my counters and even cleaned my stove-top.

To my surprise and delight, none of the baked-on mess or food particles stuck in the cloth. I rinsed my dishcloth and bits of rice, baked-on spaghetti sauce and oatmeal residue simply washed from the fabric. It was just like magic.

Taking a break from the dishes… and photographic evidence they were washed.

With all of the above listed benefits of using Scrubbycloths in the kitchen, there is one more obvious one; the environment. These cloths are not going to be tossed into a landfill, they wear like iron and will last a good long while. Plus, they’re so much fun to knit, I’m confident you’ll find yourself casting on enough to last you through several laundry rotations!

Who knows…perhaps the 6 benefits of using Scrubby yarn in the kitchen can encourage our spring cleaning!