Rio Dei Sogni

Rio Dei Sogni

It wasn’t supposed to be this way; we weren’t supposed to fall in love. We, the hardened travelers of remote islands and empty seacoasts, were supposed to be repelled by a fairground city given over to the hordes. And yet, like the many millions before us, of course we swooned. How mistaken we were to think we would be immune to the work of centuries of masters; how wrong we were to think that the number of footsteps before ours should matter. We bathed in the energy that comes of having the eyes of the world upon you, and we relaxed in the peaceful alleys and byways that were surprisingly easy to find. We were silly to have waited so long. In Venice, we dreamed. And yes, we loved.

y daughter is old enough now that she is already embarking on her own artistic journey. Rio dei sogni is not meant to be any particular place in Venice; it is just her memory of a wonderful place, and of our happiness together. We hope that you enjoy our first collaboration!

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Karen D. Miller