My Father, a Man Who Made a Difference

My Father, a Man Who Made a Difference

My father passed away very recently. Although he was elderly with health issues, his death was sudden and unexpected. It tore my very soul apart. There is now a painful void in my heart, and though the pain may diminish over the years, that void will never be filled. My only solace is knowing he is still now, and he is at peace.

I say he is ‘still’ now. In all my life, my father never sat idle. From the time he was a very young man, he worked hard first to provide for himself, then to provide for a family with four children. My early memories of my father are of him returning home after a full day of work, then walking out the door again to tend to our small family farm and orchard. He was always doing something.

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Heather McArthur
[email protected]