Monthly Archives: October 2020

Old Meeting New Architecture Royal Ontario Museum Wall-hanging

The theme for this issue, the shape of things, made me think about unusual shaped buildings. In researching this I discovered that the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) has a very unique design combining its original heritage stone façade with the Lee-Chin Crystal section. The older section was created in a neo-Byzantine style with rusticated stone, […]

Maritime Houses Quilt

Maritime Houses Quilt Pattern

The Maritime Houses quilt was initially inspired by the weathered and colorful houses found in the Maritime Provinces of Canada. When Northcott introduced their Crackle line of fabrics, it was the perfect choice for this project. As I began working on the house blocks, the world was faced with a Global Pandemic and families were […]

Life is a Beach Table Runner

In my travels of the world small houses have always spoken to me. Whether they are in Newfoundland, England or Oceanside California, these rows of small houses give each area a very distinctive look. I spent many holidays walking down the beach at Oceanside. I always think about how fun it would be to sit […]

Architecture Quilts – Make Mine Modern, Please

As a quilter, knitter, sewist, or a person with any crafting hobby, I’m sure, like me, you are inspired by what you see around you. I often take photos of odd things on my daily travels, so often so that my husband no longer shoots me piercing looks when he finds me in the middle […]