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Blossom Quilt

Melissa Marginet is an avid quilter whose passion is to teach and inspire other quilters. She is especially passionate about empowering quilters to quilt their own quilts on their home sewing machines. She has taught locally for many years and now travels throughout Canada to share her knowledge. She has taught for Quilt Canada and […]

Seattle Station Quilt

One of the most beautiful buildings I’ve found in the United States is the train station in Seattle Washington. It’s full of marble, carved window casings and huge wooden benches. It’s also heavily trimmed with a gold and green mosaic tile. When I was there several years ago, I took numerous photos, hoping to incorporate […]

Life is a Beach Table Runner

In my travels of the world small houses have always spoken to me. Whether they are in Newfoundland, England or Oceanside California, these rows of small houses give each area a very distinctive look. I spent many holidays walking down the beach at Oceanside. I always think about how fun it would be to sit […]