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The Owl & the Pussy-cat Quilt

The Owl and the Pussy-cat

Edward Lear (May 12, 1812 – January 29, 1888) was a British author and illustrator whose book of nonsense rhymes delighted children for generations. His poem, the Owl and the Pussycat tells the story of two species crossed sweethearts who escape convention and find happiness after a sea long voyage. Since it was first published […]

WEEKLY GIVEAWAY! Good Day Sunshine by Abbey Lane Quilts

Enter now for your chance to win a Good Day Sunshine Pattern by Abbey Lane Quilts! Three oversized appliqued flowers add an eye-catching element to this simple quilt, making it a real standout. The quilt goes together in an afternoon and the scalloped border finishes it off with an elegant, yet carefree look. For more […]

Zippered Tool Pouch for Rug Hookers

Zippered Tool Pouch for Rug Hookers

The Zippered Tool Pouch for rug hookers is designed to use a #6-cut wool on Monks cloth with “quillies” for embellishment. Make the pouch as shown or add your own flare by changing colours, size, adding or subtracting quillies and other embellishments. You may want to add pockets or divisions to the lining for versatility. […]

An Embroidered Talisman for Baby

A Talisman for Baby

Embroidered talismans were very popular in the old Slavic culture. The talisman is an object containing the magical power of providing good luck and protection for the possessor. It’s believed to be charged with the magical powers by the creator, and embroidery is considered practically the most significant charging process. Generally, the ancient solar symbols […]

In the Loop – Focus on Fibre Art Association

Moose by Janet Mclean
[columns] [span4]   [/span4][span8] [/span8][/columns] Focus on Fibre Art Association ‘Prairies’ Biennial Juried Competition & Show of Fibre Art opened at Enterprise Square Galleries, May 4, 2014, with a public opening reception, featuring award presentations and special guest speaker, renowned fibre artist Martha Cole, in a unique main floor open public art gallery space. The […]